This application was originally a tool I developed because I was tired of having to search in various place to find information about someone I met. It hasn't been designed to be fancy, but solves a real world problem until the people that buid social services decide on some profile seraching APIs. Until that time comes snitch.name is the best tool for the job.

Search for information about your friends, mates, new collegues, etc.

See how your name ranks on the social web.

Use it as a central gateway for the social services you use.


I’ll try to incorporate more user requested features, so drop me a line if you’d like to have a new search provider added or have some new functionality in mind.

Media Coverage

Los Angeles Times - Online, your private life is searchable

Kathimerini - Χρυσές δουλειές με ένα "ποντίκι" [in Greek only]

webworkerdaily - This is a great app to use if you want to find your friends on other networks you belong to, or if you’re looking to try to make a new contact for networking purposes.

Detroit Free Press - Web site reveals flood of personal info

User Opinions

gtzi - cool ... check it out 

Panos - Excellent tool! I did a search about me and I foudn me in several places :) I'll bookmark it, nice work

korero - good service to find someone on social networks (+ web)

StaciJShelton - Find ANYONE in Social Media!!

thibet - amazing application to look for people in social sites highly recommended!

John Platt - Exceedingly cool!

netfreak - Awsome tool :)

Ludovico - grazieeeeeee, l’ho finalmente ritrovataaaaaaaa!

marylynn3 - A neat mix of online tools listed here from WebWorkerDaily.com... I like the snitch.name best.

webcognita - Extraordinary skip trace tool for PIs searching social media

kidtechguru - With Snitch.name, you can find anyone's social profiles almost instantly in just a few steps.

marshallboyer - Snitch.name, works really really well. I'm impressed.

johnnywon - ...an excellent way to audit your social public presence. helped me find my long lost twitter account.

carolrainbow - See just how any profiles you can find for yourself :-)

db - I will definitely be looking into http://snitch.name It looks very promising.

webatou - très efficace semble-t-il, snitch.name !

InboundMarketer - ...I found a photo of me I hadn't seen before...

bbalderaz - We're usiing it to research influencers on social networks

ronschott - Snitch.name lets you stalk someone across the entire social Web… awesome?

mikearsenault - Search for people online beyond just Google.

livingstonbuzz - ... a good way to find information about someone - especially since you don’t have to go to these sites separately...

redferret - ... it’s a pretty useful thing if you’re one of those who can’t remember which of the 20 communities you’ve signed up to, or to find lost friends maybe...

dennissmith - Wanna search people's profiles on social sites? check out http://snitch.name/ (go ahead, snitch yourself)

ideiasmaradas - Se procuras um amigo que já não tens contacto há muito tempo, então esta é a solução ideal!

IT4 - Where are you appearing online? Check it out at http://snitch.name/

libertyluver - So freaky. Talk about creepy!

GR_Tampa - Now this is a cool 'search' engine

JustinMayerKSR - [...] should be great resource for recruiters

chitapita - The amount of info this site brings up is amazing. And frightening. I searched my name and found pretty much everything

RuthOUTspoken - This is a great tool for finding out background info on people

Sterkworks - My new fun time waster

yigal_cohen - Holy s**t, I'm exposed!

kinaguyton - I used that snitch.name thing on myself and whoa!

catbrainerd - Helpful ... yet scary

galelem - After checking my name on "snitch.name" I felt like giving my face some cover.

richelectron - http://snitch.name -> one up from "Googling" your name...

socialcatchup - Snitch.Name = Great Social Media Spy Tool!


alastair_hm - Watch what your social media accounts say about you

salaswildthoughts - I love Snitch.name.

pinoywebsurfer - Got a business card? Plop in the name and see if he or she can be added to your social network.

theoriginalwinger - Snitch.name, whoa!

Geekissimo - Nothing exceptional, but certainly useful in certain situations.

philbradley - ...it does save some time since you don't have to do it resource by resource


Many thanks to Christos Stathis, Fotis Stamatlopoulos, Kostas Troulos & Panagiotis Astithas, for their early feedback.


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